Protected Designation of Origin

Protected designation of origin

PDO, PGI and TSG certificates to explore yummy Spain. If you are interested in tasting some of the most singular Spanish food products, then a good place to start is to look for a Protected Designation of Origin.  P.D.O. does not only guarantee the geographical source of the food, but also the way it is […]

Pimentón de la Vera

Pimentón de la vera

Spanish cuisine, wrapped in the aromas of Saffron, garlic, sizzling lamb, and bubbling tomatoes, but sneaking into every other Spanish recipe is the dark red Vera Paprika, Pimentón de la Vera. Where would chorizo be without its pimentón? Or the Cocido madrileño, Patatas Bravas or Atún encebollado. It is hard to find a home in […]

La Peral Blue Cheese, one of the most delicate

La Peral Blue cheese

Heavenly soft, La Peral blue cheese. In the tiny village of San Jorge de La Peral just miles from the blue waters of the Cantabrian sea, with a population of just over 200 people, hides the not-so-secret delicious LaPeral blue cheese. Made by Quesos La Peral, the straw-color flesh streaked with the blue of its […]

In search for the best saffron in the world.

La Mancha Saffron the best saffron in the world

Whether or not you are into cooking Saffron is definitely one item you should try. But before that, it might be a good idea to start with the best quality Saffron, and I promise you that once you do, it will be difficult to stop. Now if you have ever wondered where the best quality […]