The Best Spanish Easter Sweets; From Torrijas to Mona de Pasqua

The best Spanish easter sweets

Sweeten Your Easter in Spain: Top 10 Traditional Spanish Easter Sweets Easter is a significant celebration in Spain, and just like in any other country that celebrates Easter, sweets and traditional foods are an essential part of the festivities. In Spain, Easter sweets come in various forms, ranging from marzipan to Easter eggs filled with […]

10 Delicious Easter Foods to Try in Spain

10 Delicious Easter Foods from Spain

From Hornazo to Torrijas: A Culinary Journey Through Spain’s Easter Foods Easter is an important holiday in Spain, and as with any important celebration, it comes with its own set of traditional foods. These foods are usually enjoyed with family and friends and are a reflection of the rich culture and history of Spain. In […]

Protected Designation of Origin

Protected designation of origin

PDO, PGI and TSG certificates to explore yummy Spain. If you are interested in tasting some of the most singular Spanish food products, then a good place to start is to look for a Protected Designation of Origin.  P.D.O. does not only guarantee the geographical source of the food, but also the way it is […]

The best option to buy organic food in Spain

Best option to buy organic food in Spain

Spain is one of the top producers of organic fruits and vegetables in Europe, with the most extensive area dedicated to organic agriculture. Most of that production is still exported to other countries of the EU, where the consumption of Bioproducts is more extended. Nevertheless, organic food is widely available almost anywhere in the country. […]